One of our specialties is the production of construction and decoration used in cultural centers, theaters, operas, philharmonics. More than twenty years of experience allows us to perform each task. We offer many typical solutions, such as aluminum cross beams that are ideally suited to the role of lift in the ceiling of the stage, successfully move any load, regardless of whether it is lighting, sound and decorations or curtains.

By using cross beams produced by us BISYSTEM, Trisystem, QUADROSYSTEM regularly we create decorations for many theaters and the operas throughout the Polish. The wide range of available systems and modules can with a flourish to create beautiful multi-level scenery. Same construction can provide a basis for suspending the background of the scene, create the basis of their decoration, as well as the platform upon which no restrictions during performances can benefit occurs actors.

Our offer is also a systemic stage platforms, Their construction is based on an aluminum frame, making the individual modules are very light - only 39kg for module 2,0m x 1,0m. For the safety of the surface of a high quality, waterproof, non-slip plywood. Large selection of leg lengths and accessories such as stairs, barriers, ramps gives unlimited possibilities.