Mobile stages with an arched roof are a unique style in the stage technology industry and high quality at an affordable price. By investing in the mobile stage, it can be used at all kinds of outdoor events, such as concerts, theater plays, marketing events, festivals, parades, performances and public speeches, sporting events, artistic performances.

The applied construction solutions allow for trouble-free and quick preparation of the stage for use. The stage withstands loads up to 500kg / m2, and on the roof, it is possible to hang fixtures weighing up to 1000kg on the central part and up to 300kg on each of the sliding roof parts. An additional advantage of the mobile stage is the possibility of expanding it with sound wings, thanks to which the entire sound system can be installed outside the stage. The loudspeakers can be placed on additional platforms or suspended on a specially designed aluminum structure QUADRO 250.

The roof of the stage is folded out using one of two systems, the choice of which depends on the buyer's preferences: electric or electro-hydraulic. Compared to the traditional roofed stage, there is no need to predict the costs associated with the need to have an additional truck to transport the roof trusses with all accessories and stage platforms. The mobile stage is in itself a means of transport capable of transporting the necessary equipment and accessories to organize the event.

Standard sizes of mobile stages are:

  • 6,0m x 6,0m (scene's surface 36m2),
  • 8,0m x 6,0m (scene's surface 48m2),
  • 10,0m x 6,0m (scene's surface 60m2).


Unfolding the mobile stage

Preparation of mobile stage to use is is extremely simple. Two people during tens of minutes are easily able to prepare fully functional scene with the roof. The use of many innovative solutions resulted in benefits for the users of mobile stages. Reduce the time assembling and disassembling above all saves time and consequently - higher profits.

Place the Mobile Stage in a place where it is to be assembled,
secure it and level with the use of the supports

Start lowering the platforms until they reach the level,
adjust them and stabilize with the use of the platform legs.

Unfold the roof, parting the roof beams QUADRO 250.
Later, assembly the beams supporting roof decking.

Start raising the roof to the maximum height.
Use the installed roof raising system for this purpose.

In order to secure the Stage and increase its usefulness,
assembly a pillar in each of the four corners.

Assembly the equipment, secure the platform with railings,
assembly the stairs and nets. It's ready! Your Mobile Stage
is ready to use.