Today's the railway is primarily a vehicles equipped with modern electric drives which of a large proportion of the components is at a height. Similarly is the case with air conditioners that provide comfort to the travellers. All of these devices in order to maintain their efficiency, require constant maintenance and inspection. For this purpose a great check are offered by our maintenance platforms .

Designed and are produced by our company platforms are lightweight due to the use of aluminum profiles, also easy movement. each platform is equipped with a large swivel castors with brakes. Each of our platforms can be adapted to customer's needs. At the stage of order can be specifing dimensions of a work platform, height, and also system and layout of the stairs. All these advantages makes that conducted by mechanical work are very much efficient and faster.

Additionally service platforms can be equipped with fasteners, through which it is possible to combine several platforms into one of any length, which greatly facilitates the work in the case of work on long compositions of trains or trams.

The advantags of produced by our company platforms

  • lightweight and stable aluminum construction,
  • high resistance to weather conditions,
  • removable safety barriers,
  • non-slip, waterproof work surface and stairs,
  • structural strength to 250kg/m,
  • possibility to equip the platform in height adjustment,
  • doorstops with soft rubber to protect the vehicle from scratches,
  • large swivel wheels with brakes,
  • the possibility to equipment platforms with support stabilizers,
  • high edges of the work surface to prevent from falling out of tools,
  • the possibility of adjust the height, area and shape of the platforms.