Aluminium truss system, a aquare cross-section, built of four tubes with a diameter 50mm and wall thickness 3mm. Among them were used balusters with a diameter 25mm. QUADRO-SYSTEM 400/3 has quick connection system, which provides fast and safety setup.

QUADRO-SYSTEM 400/3 was made to create medium and large stage roofings, this type of constructios can be build as basic roofs, gabled roofs or profiled roofs. Sample size of roofs (internal): 12,5m x 10,5m, 14,5m x 12,5m, 20,5m x 16,5m. QUADRO-SYSTEM 400/3 can be used also in theatres as lightning and scenography beams.

We offer QUADRO-SYSTEM 400/3 in natural aluminium, this truss can be also made in polished design or powder coated.

The production process is based on highest quality standards,welding processes and materials are constantly monitored.

QUADRO-SYSTEM 400/3 is available in any length up to 4,0m, we offer straight beams, corners, crosses and curves.


Height400 mm
Width400 mm
Weight8,9 kg/m
Main tubes50 x 3mm
Inner tubes25 x 2mm
AlloyAlMgSi 1 F22/EN AW 6063 T6
Connectionquick connections

QUADRO-SYSTEM 400/3 is made and certified on standard DIN EN 1999: Eurokod 9

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